Janet Bebb, flute

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Dan Schlosberg, composer

Dan is overjoyed to be back in Portland, which he considers to be a home away from home.  A composer and pianist hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Dan spent a wonderful summer in PDX in 2014 composing and performing as part of the Protegé Program at Chamber Music Northwest, and then returned this past May to write music for BodyVox’s show Cosmosis.  More recently, he composed the score for an operatic-theatrical adaptation of Lorca’s Once Five Years Pass for the Williamstown Theatre Festival, as well as music directed and performed in Brecht’s Caucasian Chalk Circle at the Yale Repertory Theatre, premiering a score by David Lang.  He has worked with many ensembles in many cities around the world, including the Dover Quartet, Nashville Symphony, Cabrillo Festival Orchestra, Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, Buffalo Philharmonic, David Shifrin, Peter Wiley, Ani Kavafian, and Lisa Moore.  He is a core member of the chamber ensemble Cantata Profana, co-Music Director of Heartbeat Opera, and he co-founded the composer-performer ensemble INVISIBLE ANATOMY, which has been featured at the Beijing Modern Music Festival and which will premiere its new show Dissections at National Sawdust (New York) in January.  He was extremely honored to receive a 2014 Charles Ives Scholarship from the American Academy of Arts and Letters and 2014 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award.  He considers David Lynch to be his artistic hero, and wrote his doctoral thesis for the Yale School of Music on the music of Twin Peaks.  Dan currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, which is by all accounts the Portland of the East Coast.  He enjoys baking cookies, and his work has been called “witty” by the Wall Street Journal.

Thomas DeNicola, composer

Thomas DeNicola is a local Oregonian currently seeking his undergraduate degree in composition at Portland State University, under the tutelage of Bonnie Miksch.  His earliest memories consist of plunking out Beethoven's Ode to Joy on a small light-up casio keyboard.  After getting into blues guitar in high school, Thomas pursued violin lessons before college.  When his teacher, Chris Fotonakis, kept having to deal with him showing up with small pieces written out and a lack of actual practice on the violin, he switched gears and started privately teaching Thomas composition, setting him on the path he is on today.  A sense of carthasis from different emotions is ultimately what Thomas tries to do in his music, hoping to reach the listener, performer, and especially himself.

George Gianopoulos, composer

George, known colloquially as Nick, began his musical study at age eighteen upon entering college.  Enraptured by his first course, an Introduction to the World of Music, George immersed himself in the studies of classical music; the theory, the repertoire, the performance and the history.  He immediately began taking group piano lessons and within a semester advanced to private lessons with Dr. Robert M. Auler.  Throughout his tutelage he also undertook the art of pedagogy, developing a private piano studio of twelve students as well as working as a church pianist and organist.  After four years of intense study, George gave a senior recital that included performances of works by Mozart, Schumann, Rachmaninoff and Chopin as well as faculty performances of original compositions.

A native of Syracuse, New York and now a resident of Los Angeles, Gianopoulos’ music has been performed throughout Europe and America, including performances in China, Israel, Spain, England and Greece and regular performances in Southern California.  George has been commissioned by The Glendale Philharmonic, The Chamber Opera Players of Los Angeles, The Symbiosis Ensemble, The Helix Collective, The Akropolis Quintet and the Malkin-Trybeck Duo, among others.  His music has been performed by members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.  Mr. Gianopoulos is currently the Composer-in-Residence for the Los Angeles based Symbiosis Ensemble and concert series Music @ MiModa.

Featured composers for the Fall 2015 season

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